Today is a great day for the entire Midwest (and hockey fans everywhere) because Emmitt Bailey, from Menomonie, Wisconsin won first place in the Kid's Division of The USA Mullet Championships!

Known as Mullet Boy to his family and friends in Menominee (🎶 dee dee de de de), Emmitt picks up a $2500 prize! Oh, and he loves hockey! Is that why he has the mullet? Perhaps...the two go together very nicely.

Fox6Now (Click for link)
Fox6Now (Click for link)

Click play to hear the Glorius Mullet Stories from today, including the one where the car tire took his mullet out!

But wait, there's more!

Cayden Kershaw, from Wausau, Wisconsin won the teen division. No word on if he loves hockey, too.

From a story on Fox6Now, "The USA Mullet Championship has grown from a local Michigan competition in 2020 to a national event among all states. The championship is divided into several categories: men’s, "femullets" (female mullets), teens and a kids division."


The Men's Divison Is Still Open

ACTION SHOT! Fox6Now (Click for link)
ACTION SHOT! Fox6Now (Click for link)

No! You, or the mullet you love, didn't miss out, but the submission period ends on August 31, so you have some time. Go get the mullet permed, buy a diffuser, get that mullet into game condition and then enter here:

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Last year's finalists in the kids' division...too cute!

Check Out The 25 Finalists From The Kids' Division Of The 2021 Mullet Championships

The 2021 USA Mullet Championships have released the photos of their 25 finalists in the Kids' Division. As you'd expect, they are all glorious!

If you missed the opportunity to vote, just take a look at all these kids and I'm sure you'll agree that they all deserve to win.

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