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Plan of Attack to Rid Yourself of Piles of Bad Debt
There are multiple strategies available for erasing debt. Jenna Taubel and Nate Finney from First Alliance Credit Union explain some of the "pay on your own" plans for attacking piles of debt and how a debt consolidation loan can be a powerful tool for people seeking to make Good Money Mov…
Process and Terminology of the Home-Buying Experience Explained
Get to know the process and jargon associated with purchasing a home. Robin Gwaltney with Gwaltney Group-RE/MAX Results describes each step of the home buying experience and some of the terminology a realtor might use but you might not clearly understand.
The Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt
Knowing the difference between good debt and bad debt can help to keep you from becoming overwhelmed by debt payments. This week, Jenna Taubel and Nate Finney with First Alliance Credit Union offer strategies for both managing debt and staying out of debt.
Rochester Real Estate Update: Now's the Time to Buy
Homes for sale in the price range attractive to most first-time homebuyers remain in high demand in the Rochester market and the inventory remains limited. Robin Gwaltney with Gwaltney Group-RE/MAX Results offers her analysis of the current market and the impact of rising wages and continued histori…
Tips to Pay Off Holiday Credit Card Debt As Quickly as Possible
Many of us are now facing big credit card balances as a result of our holiday gift purchases and other holiday-related expenses. Jenna Taubel and Kim Ferraro with First Alliance Credit Union share successful strategies and tools available for paying off credit card debt as quickly as possible.

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