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About 30 miles west  of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, is a super successful giant pumpkin grower. He grew the nation's heaviest pumpkin, but fate stepped in the way, and ripped victory from his hands. And scale.

Mike Schmit grew the giant pumpkin in the picture. At over 2,500 pounds, it is the heaviest pumpkin in the United States of America. But there will be no parades for this massive pumpkin success. There will be no prize money, there will be no movies made about the hard work and joy of victory, because...

Mike's yuge pumpkin was disqualified.

Why Was Mikes Big Beautiful Pumpkin Denied the Champion Stage?

Credit: ABC 7 Chicago - click for link
Credit: ABC 7 Chicago - click for link

On ABC 7 Chicago, Mike said, it was kicked out of the contest because it cracked.

"The crack was the size of a fingernail. It happens. There's no crying in pumpkin growing..."

Did it crack under the pressure of the competition? Not really...but the odd way it was shaped, and internal struggle to BE the pumpkin of all pumpkins, it did crack. Which is too bad, especially on the financial end. The prize money is $9.00 a pound!

Mike Schmit said,

"This pumpkin would have won this year and so you're looking at a pumpkin that would have been worth $20,000..."

Mike's not bitter...he'll just roll up his sleeves and try again. And no matter what, his enormous pumpkin is gordgeous. Can't believe the TV reporter didn't use that pun!

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