The Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota just had 5 stores open recently but unfortunately, a "Temporarily Closed" sign has shown up for another popular spot in the mall.


Hot Topic Temporarily Closed at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota

Last night, Facebook was buzzing with the news that Hot Topic in the Apache Mall was closed.  A letter that appeared to be posted at the gate of Hot Topic was shown on various media outlets and social media posts with the following message:

Closed. Almost all of our staff waked out due to the inability of the Hot Topic Company to support and give a living wage.  We cannot support ourselves and our families.  We have worked so hard and cannot do this any longer.  You cannot pay your workers in passion. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Because social media is what it is and you really can't believe everything that you see copied and pasted, I went to the mall to check on the status of the Hot Topic store.

That initial note is no longer posted at the Hot Topic store in Rochester, Minnesota

Not sure who, what, or when it happened but a new note is now posted at the gate of the Hot Topic entrance at the Apache Mall in Rochester.  I know the original note got a lot of smack talk because there was a typo in it (you can reread it above to see where) and I doubt that is why it was removed but the fact is, the original note posted everywhere is gone.

Here's what I did see on Saturday as I was trying to get an update:

  • The new note posted on the gate states the following:

Temporarily Closed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Jessica Williams
  • Google has now listed Hot Topic as being Temporarily Closed
  • And they are now hiring, just like every other business right now.
Jessica Williams

If and when it opens again, I'll have the update over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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ICYMI, here are the 5 new stores that opened recently at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota

Just in time for all the Christmas shopping are 5 new stores that recently opened up for business.  Popper's Tea has a line while I was taking photos at Hot Topic, so based on that, I'd say it is one place you want to try!

5 New Stores At the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota

If you haven't been to the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota lately, there are quite a few new stores for you to check out! Lots of chatter lately about stores that were "Coming Soon!" and personally, I've been anxiously waiting for a few of the new places to open up so I can start browsing. Well, lucky for all of us, they are now all open!