I found this massive property for sale in Minnesota and can't believe that this wasn't a resort before. This place is so big and has so many crazy amenities that it totally should be turned into a resort!

It's for sale in Garfield, Minnesota, which is about two hours northwest of the Twin Cities and just a short drive from Alexandria. It sits right on a lake and has multiple homes on the property. According to the listing, it "was originally built as a family compound".

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The agent says it could be a good lakeside getaway, which is very true but I'd be super tempted to buy it and turn it into a resort. Make some money off of it, right! Keep scrolling to check out the pictures to take a look at the indoor pool, the lake views, and the 1950s malt shop built into one of the garages.

Huge Minnesota Property for Sale with Indoor Pool and 1950s Malt Shop

This property in Minnesota is so huge and has so many ridiculous amenities it should be turned into a resort.

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