It was a few years ago now I learned about Rochester's Haunted Clock and the story behind it. Well, there's an update to the story. Scroll down to see the update, it's almost as spooky as the original story.

The Story of Haunted Old City Hall in Rochester, Minnesota

It was a beautiful warm Thursday, August 0f 2019. A bunch of us from work were downtown for Thursdays Downtown. We were catching a shade break in front of Old City Hall when I looked up and noticed something very strange about the clock on Old City Hall.

It was moving forward. Very fast. I pointed it out and only Curt St John (from Quick Country) said he thought it was a bit odd. But then a few weeks later, again, I found it running very it was trying to fast-forward time. I asked Mayor Norton about it, and she could offer no explanation. I became more certain it was something other-worldly.

Just recently I was MCing a fundraiser and a man in his 80s and I were talking and I mentioned the clock. Leslie Froman was his name and he says he used to work in that building. He said there was always talk of a ghost.

The Ghost Of Rochester's Old City Hall Is Henry

Mr. Froman said a maintenance man had died while he was working not long after the building was built in 1932.  "I was told his name was Henry and was always joking about wishing he could speed that clock up so he could hurry up and retire."


"Was he murdered?" I asked, "No...nothing like that. Just plumb up and died. By the time I started working there 'round 1952, the clock had begun doing just what you noticed. Moving fast, like it was trying to hurry up to retirement."

He could have been putting me on, but...he didn't sound like he was joking. So, I present it here to you now and the next time you're walking past that beautiful Art Deco building in Downtown Rochester, take a look up at the clock. If it's moving fast, say hi to Henry.

UPDATE: The Old City Hall Clock Is Gone

Downtown to pick up a sandwich at City Market, I looked up at the Old City Hall Clock, ready to say hello to Henry. The clock is gone. An empty space where the clock used to be.

I assume the clock is out for repair. Well, good luck with that, It probably runs just fine out of the building, "Can't find a thing wrong with it, sir," is what they hear when they bring it in for repair.

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