When in Minnesota, do as the Minnesotans do! Country star Parker McCollum was in the state recently for a sold out show in Minneapolis and prior to taking the stage, he hit the ice for some good, old-fashioned ice fishing.

In case you missed it, he was in town for a show at The Armory in Minneapolis. Up-and-coming artists Catie Offerman and Corey Kent opened the show and while I am sure it was fantastic, I am more interested in what happened before the show!

I saw that Parker McCollum shared some photos from a pre-show adventure out on a Minnesota lake! While he didn't name the exact lake he was on, many weighed in on the comments that it was indeed Lake Minnetonka, including someone he was fishing with.

The country star shared a series of photos of his Minnesota adventure! He went ice fishing and shared several photos of himself holding a giant fish. He isn't exactly dressed the part in blue jeans and cowboy boots but he got the job done regardless. You can see the series of photos for yourself.

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He caught quite a big fish which isn't too shabby, especially considering he isn't an avid ice angler. His host also shared a photo of Parker with his catch, saying that it was his first time out on the ice.

This isn't too out of the ordinary for celebrities that come to Minnesota for a visit! A few years ago, Jordan Davis did the same thing while in town for a show. I guess if you are in town during the winter, you might as well embrace it, right?

By the way, Corey Kent also shared a fun experience he had that day while in Minnesota for the show. He didn't go ice fishing but he did have a cool experience when he got to town and shared it on Twitter. How sweet!

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