Welcome to my new home!  Ok, I WISH this was where I could crash everyday and just enjoy staring at the gigantic body of water outside.  Unfortunately, this is a home I know is out of my price range...and the commute is a tad bit farther than I'd like...but this $3.3 million home in Minnesota is a modern luxury I was born to live in.

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Paradise and Luxury Await You at This $3.3 Million Award Winning Home in Minnesota

I don't know if you do this, but when million-dollar homes pop up for sale in Minnesota, I browse the photos on Zillow or Realtor.com just to see if my taste is on par with those who actually do have money.  Sometimes I check out the photos and realize that a few too many updates are needed to make the property "work for me".  And then, there are the dream homes that I know were destined to be mine...if I just had a few million to make it happen.

The first house that I fell in love with was owned by a former Minnesota Twins Hall of Famer, Glen Perkins.  To this day, I still want to buy this home because it is everything that is perfect about Minnesota.  It had an ice rink, pool, farmhouse style, huge outdoor buildings, and also a brewery, and I'm not talking about just a "bar" in a basement.  If this house ever goes back on the market, I call dibs (and will ask you to Venmo me some money so I can pay for it).

SEE PHOTOS: Perfect Minnesota Home Features Brewery and Ice Rink

The house I'm currently dreaming about is also out of my price range but is a style that I've favored the past 20 years.  Bonus: it is located in one of my favorite areas in all of Minnesota, right on the Mississippi River.  In fact, this house has waterfront property.

$3.3 Million Award-Winning Home For Sale In Minnesota With Breathtaking Views

Just in case you were dreaming of living in luxury, this multi-million dollar home on the Mississippi River in Minnesota is the one. This modern home designed by CityDeskStudio is waterfront living at 422 Shore Acres Rd in La Crescent in Minnesota.

A few of the features that helped it win top prize at the 2023 Residential Architects Awards are the 6 bedrooms, a total of 22 rooms, soaring 21-foot ceilings, a custom laser-cut staircase, two riverside firepits, and a custom glass wine room.

Enjoy the photos of this amazing home below from Realtor.com and listing agent, Michelle Kalina with Lakes Sotheby's International. See the full listing and property details here.

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio

If you love the modern look, you know this home at 422 Shore Acres Rd in La Crescent, Minnesota is gorgeous!  Find additional photos and property details by listing agent, Michelle Kalina with Lakes Sotheby's International at Realtor.com.

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Now, back to that first house I was talking about...because now I am obsessed again...I pulled up a few of the photos for you to check out.  Scroll through below and tell me this isn't the perfect Minnesota home(If you disagree, you are wrong...just an FYI).

DREAM HOUSE: Perfect Minnesota Home Features Brewery and Ice Rink

I heard that Glen Perkins, former Minnesota Twins pitcher, sold his phenomenal home located in Lakeville, Mn a few years ago. The house is located at 24729 Dodd Boulevard in Lakeville and has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 5,823 square feet. It originally went on the market in 2020 listed for $1,999,999 and sold in November 2020 for 2,670,00. It truly is the perfect house for anyone in Minnesota and honestly, the price is a steal.

Take a look at the photos below and see this gorgeous home for yourself!

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio

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