Minnesota, it is time to rally together.  And if you live in Northern Iowa, you might want to join the Land of 10,000 Lakes for this because the forecast for the Fourth of July was just posted and things are not looking great.

The Forecast For the Fourth of July is Looking Nasty in Minnesota

Disappointment has already happened regarding the Fourth of July fireworks celebrations in two locations in Minnesota.  Recently, Stillwater announced that its popular fireworks show was canceled for the 4th of July due to flooding.  Shortly after that announcement, Valleyfair also gave the unfortunate news that flooding was not allowing their huge presentation on the 4th to happen either.

Jessica On The Radio/TSM
Jessica On The Radio/TSM

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I was just checking the weather and I think KTTC summed it up best:

This is just what you DO NOT want to see in the forecast for Thursday. Showers and storms could produce heavy rainfall again on the 4th of July.

- KTTC TV Facebook Page


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Heavey Rain Included In Latest Forecast for the Fourth of July in Minnesota

According to weather.com, the chance of rain increases dramatically to 60% in Rochester, Minnesota at 1:00 pm.  The chance continues to increase throughout the day and evening, including the time when fireworks are supposed to start.

The Minneapolis area looks similar to the weather that will be hitting the Rochester area.

Duluth, Minnesota has a much lower chance of rain after 1:00 pm compared to the lower half of the state.  Fingers crossed that the evening will not be ruined by rain.

La Crosse, Wisconsin looks even worse and there is a 73% chance of rain at the time fireworks would be going off in the area.

See the latest updates from the U.S. National Weather Service here.

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