There's a beach in Wisconsin that needs to be on our 'must visit' list. It's a beautiful beach for many reasons but one of the big ones is that it has the clearest water in the US.

Yeah, that title doesn't go to a spot on the ocean or anything like that, but a beach in Wisconsin.

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Beaches with the Clearest Water in the World

A blog called Florida Panhandle wrote a story that featured the beach with the clearest water in every country.

They also figured out which beaches are the clearest in the entire world. Not terribly surprising, Greece took most of the spots in the top 5.

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The number five beach with the clearest water is Agia Anna Beach in Amorgos, Greece.

Number four goes to Agios Dimitrios Beach in Alonnisos, Greece.

Thailand comes in and takes the number three spot with Pileh Bay in Ko Phi Phi Lee, Thailand.

Taking second place is Gennadi Beach in Gennadi, Greece.

And the place with the clearest water in the world is Prassa Beach in Kimolos, Greece.

Beach with the Clearest Water in the US

All of those beaches that are the clearest in the world are on the ocean. But not the clearest water in the US! That title belongs to Schoolhouse Beach on Washington Island, WI.

How beautiful! Now, you'll notice that there's no sand, just rock, but it's ok. Travel Wisconsin writes that it's a "smooth limestone beach" so you won't get poked with rocks the whole time.

The beach is on Lake Michigan and yes, the town it's in is literally an island. It's found just off the tip of the Door County peninsula.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I took a trip to the Door County area a long time ago and I remember it being really pretty. I think it's time to go back so I can check out this beach!

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