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Thanks to the results of last week's election, you could soon be seeing another stimulus check in your account, courtesy of the state of Minnesota.

The pieces are now in place in Minnesota thanks to the results of last week's election

During the 2022 midterm election last week, Minnesota's Democrat Farm Labor Party (DFL) scored the elusive trifecta: DFL Gov. Tim Walz won reelection, the DFL retained its majority in the Minnesota House and the DFL also won a majority in the Minnesota Senate.

That's something that hasn't happened in nearly a decade here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. You have to go back to 2013 to find the last time just one party (again the DFL) controlled all three parts of Minnesota's state legislature. But could it mean an extra thousand dollar check for most Minnesotans?

Why there's a better chance at seeing another $1,000 check next year in Minnesota

One feature of a single party controlling all three facets of Minnesota's state legislature is that it's much easier for policies and bills to be enacted into law, seeing as the opposing party (Minnesota's Republican Party in this case) doesn't have enough votes to block the proposal, or to force the DLF to compromise to get bills passed.

Whether that's a good thing or not depends on your own political beliefs, but it might mean that Minnesotans could soon see another stimulus check in our accounts. It's all part of a plan Gov. Tim Walz announced last year, after the 2022 Legislature adjourned without reaching an agreement on how to spend Minnesota's massive budget surplus.


The state of Minnesota has been collecting way more of our tax dollars than projected, and the state budget office estimated back in March that the surplus is approaching 9 billion dollars. That amount (which could now be even bigger than 9 billion) is still sitting there, waiting for the DFL-controlled Legislature to divvy up next year.

Last summer, Gov. Walz proposed one way to spend at least a part of that money: by sending each Minnesotan a thousand-dollar stimulus check ('Walz Check' as it was called in his proposal when it was announced last June.) Of course, Republicans in the Minnesota Senate didn't agree to that proposal, but now that the DFL controls the Senate, could a push to send out those checks be renewed in 2023?

Getting another $1,000 check isn't a done deal just yet in Minnesota, though

Well, not so fast. While the DLF will control the Legislature next year, not all DFL members are apparently on board with that proposal. This WCCO-TV story quoted DFL House Speaker Melissa Hortman who was asked about those checks:

"We have to have 68 votes to get anything through the Minnesota House of Representatives. I'm not sure if we have 68 votes for that," Hortman told WCCO. "We haven't had the chance to appoint our tax chair and to figure out whether that's the direction we're ready to go," she noted in the story.

So, WILL we get an extra $1,000 check next year? Maybe-- chances are better than they were this year. But I guess only time will tell. One person who perhaps doesn't *need* that extra money is Gophers head football coach PJ Fleck. He just sold his vacation home on Lake Minnetonka for just under $2.5 million. Keep scrolling to see the pics!

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