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First Avenue, one of Minnesota's most popular concert venues, announced Monday you'll have to show proof of either full Covid-19 vaccination or negative Covid-19 test from the past 72 hours to get in. That goes for the associated venues, too.

COVID-19 Vaccinations
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What Will Count As Proof of Vaccination?

  • First Ave says the proof of Covid vaccination could be the actual card from your medical team or a photo of the card that matches your ID.
  • The final vax of the series must have been at least 14 days before you try to get in.
  • The negative Covid-19 test proof can be a print out or a digital test result, as long as it matches your ID (so if you're a Mayo patient, you could show them the test result on the Mayo Portal, and your ID and you're good).
Screenshot of my vaccination record on the Mayo Clinic portal.
Screenshot of my vaccination record on the Mayo Clinic portal.
  • Negative Covid test results work for 12 and under and for people who "have a medical condition or closely held religious beliefs that prevents vaccination."
  • They're also asking you to mask up.

What Venues Are Included with First Avenue?

The policy is in force for...

  • First Avenue
  • 7th Street Entry
  • Turf Club
  • Fine Line Café
  • The Fitzgerald Theater
  • Palace Theatre

All the venues require staff to be fully vaccinated.

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