Today, our air conditioner decided to start making this extremely loud, nasty noise.  It never fails that the items you need the most fail when you need them the most.  We've got scorcher temps coming and my house is already 80+ degrees.  (I also still have the flannel sheets on our bed because I love how comfy they are - I'm thinking those are getting pulled off tonight.)

I've been on the hunt to find ways to stay cool as we wait for our air conditioner to get fixed.  Turns out, there is one thing I should have done at my house a few weeks ago that would have not only helped save some money but also helped us stay cooler!  Since 90 million households in the US also use this item, I'm thinking this is a tip that might help you out too.

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Photo by Lotus Design N Print on Unsplash
Photo by Lotus Design N Print on Unsplash

TIP:  Everyone in Minnesota Should Do This Every Summer to Their Ceiling Fans

If you have already turned your air conditioner on, it is time to also click on another switch.  Every winter and every summer, our ceiling fans need to be rotated so they spin in different directions.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the following tip for your ceiling fans will save energy, which means you'll save money!

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the proper use of a ceiling fan in summer may allow homeowners to raise their thermostat setting by up to four degrees without any reduction in overall comfort. Ceiling fans are considerably more cost efficient than conventional air conditioning or heating, meaning that any reduction in the use of HVAC systems in exchange for a ceiling fan will save energy, keeping money in your pocket. -


Photo by Jason Anderson on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Anderson on Unsplash

Are Your Ceiling Fans Twirling in the Correct Direction For Summer and Winter?

If you are a newbie to this ceiling fan news, here's what you need to know:

  • During the Winter - your fan should turn clockwise.  This will bring the air up and help redistribute warm air.
  • During the Summer - your fan should turn counterclockwise.  This direction will help cool our homes.
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