UNDATED (WJON News)  -- Boys golf and girls volleyball are the only growing high school sports in the country.

The National Federation of State High School Associations recently completed its High School Athletics Participation Survey for the 2021-22 school year.  It's the first official report in three years.

Among the top 10 boys' sports, golf was the only sport to have an increase, up nearly four percent.  It surpasses tennis as the eighth most popular boys' sport.

Baseball saw the smallest decline in participation and remained fourth in popularity behind football, track and field, and basketball.

Top 10 high school boys sports nationally:
1).  Football - down 3.2%
2).  Track and Field - down 6%
3).  Basketball - down 3.5%
4).  Baseball -down 0.4%
5).  Soccer - down 4.9%
6).  Wrestling - down 6.3%
7).  Cross Country - down 14.1%
8).  Golf - up 3.8%
9).  Tennis - down 8.5%
10). Swimming and Diving - down 9.8%

On the girls' side, volleyball continues to rise in popularity and was the only top 10 sport to register an increase from three years ago.

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Soccer moved ahead of basketball at number three behind track and field, and volleyball.  Softball remained number five.

Top 10 high school girls sports nationally:
1).  Track and field - down 6.5%
2).  Volleyball - up 0.3%
3).  Soccer - down 4.9%
4).  Basketball - down 7.2%
5).  Softball - down 5.8%
6).  Cross Country - down 12.8%
7).  Tennis - down 7.0%
8).  Swimming and Diving - down 13.5%
9).  Competitive Spirit - down 12.9%
10). Lacrosse - down 3.0%

The survey says with most traditional sports experiencing some level of decrease, there is a dramatic rise in unified - or combined- sports teams.

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