This week is Fire Prevention Week all across the United States, and as has been the tradition locally, the Rochester Fire Department will be hosting open houses at the city’s fire stations.

The public is invited to visit the five fire stations Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6 until 8 PM to view the fire trucks and other firefighting equipment, tour the facilities and watch demonstrations of rescue and firefighting techniques.

o Station One 521 South Broadway
o Station Two 2185 Wheelock Drive NE
o Station Three 2755 2nd ST SW
o Station Four 1875 41st ST NW
o Station Five 325 28th ST SE

The observance of Fire Prevention Week began in 1925 after President Calvin Coolidge issued a Presidential Proclamation. It evolved from National Fire Prevention Day, which apparently got its start in 1911 during a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire.

The aim is to heighten awareness of fire safety in hopes of reducing the number of lives lost and property destroyed by fires. The theme this year is “Plan Two Ways Out - Every Second Counts.”