This is only Part One of The Birry Story. There may be a Part Three, not sure, but there will definitely be a Part Two. I could put it all out in one story, but I CANNOT must hear and see this now.

Birrry - video in story
Birrry - video in story

You must.

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On YouTube, there's a cat named Birry, now a Mayo High School student. Then Birry was at Friedell Middle School and created a video that took the world by storm...the most popular video you've never seen, really. Posted in 2018, it has almost 4 Million views, And yet it's a good bet most adults don't know about it.

Which is a shame.

I present Birry's most popular video, made right here in Rochester, Minnesota.

Why Is It A Shame I've Never Heard of Birry, James?

a) Because I said so.

ii) Because while this video is silly and fun and a well-known trope, it hints at something more.

3) That something more is coming in The Birry Story Part Two. Click here if you can't wait.

My next step is to run down Birry...find out if Birry would consent to an interview. I have no idea what kinda person this Birry is. Maybe they're the reclusive-don't-look-at-me-or- I'll-throw-a-sock-of-frozen-butter--at-your-head type. Or maybe Birri is the angry type who loves interviews just to insult the reporter with obscure (and made up) quotes.

If you're reading this, Birry...either one is OK with me. Drop a line, or have your people drop a line.

Thanks to tipster Tracy Jones for this hot item.  

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