Michael Munoz

No ‘Lunch Shaming’ at Rochester Schools
There are reports around the country that the new trend at some schools is something called "Lunch Shaming" is becoming more prevalent. This is when a student doesn't have enough lunch money and a school will take away a child's hot food and replace it with an alternative lunch which could include milk and a cheese sandwich, or sometimes no lunch at all...
The Highly Gifted Program May Expand Next Year in Rochester
There was a high number of students in the Rochester Public School system that qualified for the highly gifted program for the coming year. A proposal to expand the program by offering more sections was brought to the School Board recently and School Superintendent Michael Munoz talked about the proposed expansion on Rochester's Good Morning with Rich Peterson and Kim David last week on KROC AM...
Thursday On Rochester’s Good Morning
The University of Minnesota has had a rough go lately.  Starting with the athletic director, losing a beloved former player and T-Wolves coach Flip Saunders and now Jerry Kill resigning for health reasons.
Friday On Rochester’s Good Morning
A big weekend in the sports world as the Twins begin a huge series agains the Angels, the Gophers and Vikings at "the Bank", the Sports Expert will offer his thoughts and predictions at 6:45.

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