The Democrat claim of a Republican “War on Women” was challenged by a Economist/Government poll indicating women were evenly divided about the U.S. Supreme Court Hobby Lobby (H-L) decision on publicly funded birth control medications vs. religious convictions.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) chided the Court, said business leaders should choose between their religion or business, and the Supremes decided incorrectly. Democrats support legislation to evade the H-L decision. Imagine if Republicans tried that over Roe v. Wade, or the Defense of Marriage Act.

What would Schumer say if Obamacare intruded upon his faith’s Jewish dietary laws? Does Sen. Schumer object to Pope Benedict’s declarations on the socio-economic responsibilities business leaders have to their employees?

Some Democrats and feminist leaders ignore the real “War on Women” perpetrated by Islamic extremists at home and abroad. Democrats wage verbal war on Republican women, especially conservative ethnic minorities.

The President’s executive order that thwarted illegal immigration enforcement facilitated a deluge across the Mexican border that threatens national security, public health and safety, and socio-economic stability.

Politically loyal African-American spokespersons have described the negative impact of illegal immigration on their communities, and the need for more resources to address inner city education, jobs, and crime rates.

President Obama should sanction Mexico to close its borders, and return the U.S. Marine who mistakenly crossed its border.