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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — President Joe Biden is slated to visit a Twin Cities suburb this week to tout his $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

The White House announced Friday that Biden will visit Rosemount on Tuesday. The president has been making multiple stops around the country to highlight the infrastructure package. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the White House has projected the package will deliver $4.5 billion to Minnesota for highways, $800 million for public transportation and about $300 million for bridge work over a five-year span.

The state also is in line for $680 million for water projects, at least $100 million for broadband expansion and about $297 million for airport infrastructure. Biden won Minnesota by about 7 percentage points in the 2020 presidential election.

This is the Most Expensive Home for Sale in Rochester's Richest Neighborhood

Based on data from Neighborhood Scout, we were able to figure out Rochester's richest neighborhood, which is 40th St SW / Bamber Valley Rd SW. After a search on Zillow, I found plenty of expensive homes for sale in that area. Full disclosure, this home we're going to look at isn't technically the most expensive, it's the third most expensive. However, it's the most expensive home in the neighborhood that's currently standing, the other two haven't even been built yet.

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