A nationally acclaimed, award-winning Minnesota restaurant sadly had to suddenly close their doors the other day. Hopefully they'll be able to reopen again sooner rather than later.

This restaurant was awarded the James Beard Award for best new restaurant in the US in June of last year. I have yet to try them out because they're always so booked up when I go to the Twin Cities!

Owamni Restaurant
Credit: Owamni - By the Sioux Chef via Facebook

Owamni, located in Minneapolis, is the restaurant that had to close. In case you've not totally familiar with what Owamni is all about, their food is all centered around Native American foods. The restaurant is run by Sean Sherman who is part of the Oglala Lakota tribe, and Dana Thompson who is a "lineal descendant of the Wahpeton-Sisseton and Mdewakanton Dakota tribes" according to The Sioux Chef website.

2022 James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards
Jeff Schear/Getty Images for James Beard Foundation

Owamni had to close their doors because of an electrical fire that happened in the afternoon of April 5th. Thankfully, there were no injuries, everyone is safe, but, of course, the restaurant is damaged.

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So for now, the restaurant is closed. One of the owners, Dana, shared on Facebook that they're working on figuring out how to get "back up and running ASAP."

I'm sure they'll be able to bounce back from this but it still stinks. It also kind of stinks for me because they'll probably be booked out even more once they reopen! One day I'll be able to get a reservation.

Here's hoping they can reopen really soon!

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