The Vivian, South Dakota Coffee Cup Fuel truck stop will be remembered for their kindness and long working hours after last week's blizzard socked-in truckers across the state. While Sioux Falls received mostly rain and ice, the other 90% of South Dakota was hammered by snow and winds which led to traffic delays and accidents.

According to The Drive, up to 70 semi trucks were up their smoke stacks in drifts at a truck stop in Vivian.

The dangerous weather situation brought out the entrepreneuring spirit to some area farm kids who rolled into the Vivian Truck Stop with a giant tractor and humongous rope and offered to tow the trucks out of the drifts for a cool price of $200. It's said that those kids must have made $2,500 that night.

All Pro Towing out of Murdo, South Dakota, had a record night of towing. Their Facebook page offers a glimpse of the wild night in western South Dakota.

A truck driver named Conrad Quail claimed a little fame with his video where he joked about needing a shovel when it was clear more was needed to get that rig out of the snow.

Take a look at some of these photos and video to feel the punch that a South Dakota winter can deliver.

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