Minnesota and Wisconsin may be neighbors and share a common border, but that's where some of the similarities end. In fact, did you know there are 10 ridiculous things just about every person from Wisconsin thinks about Minnesota?

Let me start off by saying I'm a reformed Wisconsinite. Full disclosure here: Yes, I was born over in America's Dairyland, I went to college there (shout out to UW-Eau Claire!) and it's where I lived my entire life until I met the love of my life and moved to the North Star State back in 2012.

However, now that I've been a fully naturalized Minnesotan for well over a decade now, I've come to realize that I love it here-- I really do. There are MANY aspects of life here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes that can't be beaten anywhere-- including my home state of Wisconsin.

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That said, though, back when I lived over in western Wisconsin, I would often head over to Minnesota to see friends or spend some time in the Twin Cities. And, whenever I did, these thoughts went through my mind. And, yes, I see now that the ARE quite ridiculous. But here they are:

Now, please keep in mind, that I DO NOT feel the same way about all of these anymore, but I will admit that some are definitely thoughts I used to have, back in the day. Keep scrolling to take a look at what your out-of-state co-workers, friends or acquaintances might be thinking:

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10 Things Every Person From Wisconsin Thinks About Minnesota

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