20 of the Most Disgusting Smells in Minnesota That Will Make You Gag

You know when you walk by someone on the sidewalk who has a bit of a stink?  It could be someone who just finished up a workout at the gym or worse, someone you sit by at work every day.  Their B.O. got the best of them and you'd love to just hand them a stick of deodorant to help the world be a better place but, well, that would probably come across as rude and not "Minnesota Nice".

FYI, B.O. is one of the top 20 worst smells that make us gag a bit in Minnesota...but it's not the worst.

Huge List of Horrible Smells That Will Make You Want to Gag

You know when you get a whiff of B.O. that makes you want to hurl, just a bit. It's usually on a teenage boy who hasn't realized yet that he is the one causing the smell. That and a whole bunch of other nasty smells made the "Worst of the Worst Smells" list.

What smell on the Top 20 Worst Smell list is your top pick?

So many horrible smells to pick from but which one is your top pick?  I'd love to hear about it!  Come and hang out with me over on my Facebook Page - Jessica Williams On The Radio and send me a message with your answer.

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Speaking of smell, these foods will make your pee smell the most

You've heard that the green vegetable, asparagus, makes your pee smell.  In fact, that is why my kids refuse to eat that delicious vegetable.  That's not the only food though that has the potential of making you smell a bit.  Check out the list below to see what you might want to avoid eating tonight if smelling good in the bathroom is an important trait for you.

9 Foods or Drinks that Could Make Your Pee Smell

I'm a huge fan of asparagus! I love it and am basically the only one in our house that devours the green veggie. But whenever I make it my family loves to say, "it's going to make your pee smell.". Ok, it does for some people but I decided I wanted to figure out what foods they eat where I could say the same thing back to them. So, I did a little Google searching and found out there are quite a few foods and drinks that make your urine have a bad or change in smell. Thanks to Google, Wikipedia, and a site called wellandgood.com, I found a whole bunch!

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