Our team was very excited to participate in today's RochesterFest parade and reconnect with listeners that we haven't seen in over a year, but unfortunately, that won't happen.

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Citing safety concerns, the organizers of the RochesterFest parade have decided to cancel the event. You can read the full statement from Brandon Hegelson, Executive Director of Rochesterfest, below.

Brandon Hegelson sent a statement this morning that said, "working with the National Weather Service, Rochester Police Department, and our Parade Chair, Rochesterfest has decided to cancel the parade for today.  Our community’s safety is our first priority.  Please help us pass this along by SHARING this information.  We will be keeping an eye on the weather to see if we can get our evening entertainment on stage.  Stay tuned for more details." You should follow Rochesterfest on Facebook for additional updates on other events.

The National Weather Service says storms today could produce heavy rain which could lead to flash flooding. The potential for storms exists throughout the day with the best chance being in the afternoon right when the parade would be happening.


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