The Minnesota Vikings slide continues. And a lot of the blame for their recent poor form falls squarely on the offensive line. The way they have played lately, they are truly putting the "offensive" in offensive line!

It got me thinking, what, or who, is out there that might help protect Sam Bradford better than our current crop of players up front? Or at least help the current line do its job better? Here are 3 possible ideas to help fix the problem...

Okay, maybe I'm stretching it. But the truth is that all of us who call ourselves Vikings fans are frustrated with the way we're letting games slip away lately, after starting the season so strongly. Let's hope we can right this ship and get some more wins to finish up the season! Skol, Vikings!

  • 1

    Flex Seal

    This stuff claims to be amazing! If the infomercials are to be believed, it can seal holes and cracks in anything! I wonder if the Vikings could buy it in bulk and seal our line together with it?

  • 2

    Hans Brinker - The Little Dutch Boy

    Who's Hans Brinker? Unfortunately, he's not a 320 pound left guard. Brinker is the little Dutch boy in the classic children's book, 'The Silver Skates,' who saved Holland by plugging a leak in one of the country's dikes with his finger. If he can save an entire country with one finger, think of what he might be able to do for Bradford!

  • 3

    Pine Tar

    This time of year, as many of us drag Christmas trees into our homes, we become all too familiar with how sticky tree sap can be! Pine tar is like tree sap on steroids! (Okay, that's an oversimplification of pine tar, but I don't want to bore you with the actual process of creating it!) Closely connected to baseball, if it can keep a hitter's hands firmly on his bat, maybe it can keep the Vikings offensive line firmly held together...

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