Minneapolis, MN (AP)  - The University of Minnesota officials announced an agreement with pro-Palestinian protesters on Thursday to end their encampment on the Minneapolis campus.

In exchange, representatives of the coalition of student organizations involved will get to address the university’s Board of Regents at their meeting next Friday, May 10, and the discussion will include their demands that the university divest its investments in Israel.

Interim President Jeff Ettinger announced the deal in an email to the campus community. It said nearby buildings that were closed as a precaution earlier this week would reopen at noon, and protesters agreed not to disrupt upcoming final exams or commencement ceremonies.

University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota

“While there is more work to do, and conversations are still planned with other student groups affected by the painful situation in Palestine, I am heartened by today’s progress,” Ettinger wrote. “It grew out of a desire among those involved to reach shared understanding. While we do not condone tactics that are outside of our policies, we appreciate student leaders’ willingness to engage in dialogue. I value the challenging and healthy conversations we’ve had.”

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A few other schools also secured agreements with protesters to avoid disrupting campus events. Administrators at Brown University in Rhode Island agreed to consider a vote to divest from Israel in October — apparently the first U.S. college to agree to such a demand. And Northwestern University in Illinois agreed to reestablish an advisory committee on university investments and other commitments.

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