90-year-old RJ Smith has never purchased a golf ball in his life. He's been collecting golf balls for almost 80 years and no two are alike! He has 460 milk crates filled with almost 70,000 golf balls in a garage in his backyard and has now decided he wants to sell them.

He started the collection when he was 11 when he started working as a caddy. Ever since, he has been going to golf courses around Rochester to collect lost golf balls in the woods, ponds, and brush.

In an interview with Kare 11, RJ says he doesn't feel bad for the people who have lost their golf balls: “You’re supposed to play on the fairway," he said to Kare 11's Boyd Huppert.

RJ was diagnosed with cancer three months ago and has decided it's time to part with his giant collection of golf balls. He doesn't want to keep any of the money though, he plans to donate it to charity. He has golf balls that have auto brands, colleges, and pro sports teams logos on them. He even has a golf ball from 1912!



Source: Kare 11


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