With a name like Niagara, you may think you are in either New York state or maybe Canada, but this is actually in Southern Minnesota.  In a town called Harmony.

What I am talking about is a very unique cave that everyone should make plans to check out at some point.  I've explored a few caves, but from the pictures, this one looks more unique than some others that I have seen.

Via Niagara Cave Facebook
Via Niagara Cave Facebook
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Niagara Cave is located in Harmony, as mentioned above.  If you are unfamiliar with where that is, it's in Southern Minnesota, almost on the Iowa border.  If you plan to check this cave out at some point, they do recommend that you wear appropriate shoes.  Some are not allowed, such as a high heels or bare feet (why would you do that anyway).  With everything, when there is a sign that seems like you should just know, it's because there was someone who did that, now they need a sign.

Also, be prepared to walk quite a bit, and be ready to climb some stairs too.  On their website they describe the tour as guided, and it's about a mile long with quite a few steps.

Also, no backpacks are allowed.  Not even the baby type.  You can carry a baby in one of the front packs, however.

The cave is open 7 days a week now through October 29h.  Toirs take about an hour, and it's about 48 degrees in the cave.  Bring a lighjt jacket or a sweatshirt. Also make sure to wear proper footwear.  In other words, sandals probably aren't a good idea.  Choose a pair of sneakers instead.

You can check out some of the pictures of the cave on their website.  It looks pretty awesome, and it's just about 3 hours from St. Cloud.  If you are heading down towards Iowa, it's definitely worth the stop to check it out.  It's best to buy your tickets ahead of time and plan your trip so you make sure there is a spot for you on the guided tour when you arrive.

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