It wasn't that long ago there were heated debates about allowing food trucks to do their food-trucky thing right out there, in the open, NOT at a festival. Well, times have changed, my friend and now another food truck is going to hit the scene.

But not in Rochester. And not run by a local restaurant. Instead, it will be opening in Byron...and run by? Students.

Byron High School has been awarded a $45,000 Bush Foundation Grant they're going to use for a class in the Family And Consumer Sciences Department and the Business Department. The class will have about 40 students and they will manage the food truck.

Can you imagine the wide range of practical experience they'll come away with? (Sorry to the teachers for the preposition placement.) From top to bottom, what it takes to run a business, day to day, with responsibilities that cannot be ignored or the business suffers.

KM High School has students building a house, Byron High School will have students running a food truck...tell me about your school and what its doing.

I LOVE seeing students being encouraged to step outside the box, see the world from a different perspective, and, being honest here, failing in an atmosphere where they'll learn how to grow from and move so far beyond failure.

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