Just when we were starting to see quite a few restaurants opening up in Rochester, Minnesota, news of another restaurant closing has hit Southeast Minnesota.

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A.J.'s Diner in Southeast Minnesota Is Closing For Good

Some sad news showed up on social media on Saturday.  A.J.'s Diner, located at 122 Highway 52 in Fountain, Minnesota (Get Directions Here) announced that it was closing for good.


Thank you everyone for the continued support! As our family gets older new priorities arise. We hope to see you one last time before our closing day, which is Saturday November 18th. 🍔 - Ajs Diner Mn Facebook page


When people heard the news that A.J.'s Diner was closing, support poured in as people got a chance to experience their favorites one last time before closing day.  According to the latest Facebook post, the restaurant was so busy that they had to change their "Last Day Open" to Friday instead of Saturday due to a lack of food.

Thank you everyone for coming in this weekend! We were busy and only have enough food to be open one more day. Last day will be Friday. Closed the rest of the week and Saturday. -Ajs Diner Mn Facebook page


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Mall of America
Mall of America

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