I know, I know, you'd rather talk about the election and who's better to lead the country.  But clear that out of your head for a moment and give this some thought.

The CBS/60 Minutes website listed a bunch of surveys done by them with Vanity Fair.  They had some interesting scenarios and came up with some interesting observations.

First of all, 58 percent of respondents give more advice, only 28 percent receive more.

Another question:  "If a stranger told you not to board a flight, would you?"  38 percent said they would find an excuse to get another flight!  I think I'd call the cops on this person

CBS This Morning has a great feature where well-known people write a note to their younger selves. In an open-ended question, they asked, if they could give just one piece of advice to their teenaged self, what would it be?

Some of best responses?

Practical ones such as, go to college, stick to the Bible, practice birth control, buy life insurance and sell for cash.

What would you advise yourself?  Mine would be "stay away from that kid on Knox Avenue,  he's trouble!"  (among others).

Check out the website here.

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