Going to the movies can be such a fun outing and some movies are just better on the big screen with surround sound.  When you have kids though, the price of a movie outing can get expensive.  Ticket prices seem to be creeping up and you know that at least one of your kids is going to ask for popcorn...and if you give a kid some popcorn, they are going to ask for something to drink.

I was on the lookout to figure out what would be the best theatre for a family.  A lot of you commented on our Facebook post with your suggestions.  (Thank you!)

From your feedback and a bit of our own research, here are the top 5 theaters that are family friendly with their prices in Southeast Minnesota.

  • Kasson State Theatre- the number one suggestion!
    "Saw "It" There. What a great theater, love the historic vibe with the cool lights on the outside but also the modern twist with the updated seating and digital projector. Just an all around great place to catch a flick. Prices were on point too."  - Jordon Kalina on Kasson State Theatre's Facebook page
    • $4 for Kids, $6 for Adults
    • Matinees before 6pm - $4 for all
  • CineMagic Hollywood 12
    "Warm, family friendly movie establishment that has the best prices in Rochester. The lobby is clean, bright and inviting. The large popcorn buckets with refills make it an affordable option for those with children." - Shelby Joy Rich on Google 
    • (evening prices) $5 for Kids ages 3 to 11, $8 for Adults
    • Matinees before 6pm - $5 for all
    • Discounts for Students, Seniors, Military and Tuesday Specials.  Find the whole list on their website.
  • Paragon "Amazing location! Great service, delicious food, amazing ambiance, and perfect place to hang out and enjoy the evening.  The movie theatre is luxurious and comfortable.  Ever since they opened, I do not go to any other theater."  - Gustavo Alonso on their Facebook page
    • (evening prices) $7 for Kids ages up to 10, $10 for Adults
    • Matinees - $6 for Kids, $7.50 for adults,
    • Discounts for Seniors, and Tuesday Special is just $6.  If you order tickets through their app, there is a free popcorn deal!
  • The Cresco Theatre & Opera House, (in Iowa)
    "Amazing piece of Cresco! Plus amazing staff and yummy popcorn!!!" - Leigh Myers on their Facebook page
    • (evening prices) - wasn't able to find prices online but stated they have 7pm showings
    • Matinees  - wasn't able to find prices online but stated they had a Sunday matinee at 2pm.
  • Jem Theatre in Harmony, MN
    "Great place.  Love the throwback movies especially.  Every time we've been was wonderful.  The service is great, the people friendly.  Looking forward to going again!"." - Jimmy Thornburg on their Facebook page
    • $4 for Kids, $5 for Adults, $4 for Seniors
All these prices could change but I did find some of the specials listed on different areas of websites and Facebook pages.  If you are looking for the absolute best deal, I'd suggest checking out their Facebook pages.  They seemed to have the most up to date info listed there on some of the sites.
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