Woofie's wife said to him, "You do candy, you do fudge...Woofie, you gotta do something that isn't being done in Rochester right now. Something fun, something different." Woofie looked around and Woofie's Waffles was born!

On 37th Street, that little Alpine looking drive-thru, Woofie's serves all kinds of waffles. Hot Brownie Fudge Waffles, Chocolate Bacon Waffles, even a BLT Waffle! I tried the Chicken with Maple Walnut Fudge Waffle ($16.95). It's two Belgian waffles, "stuffed with chicken strips, our signature Maple walnut fudge, Woofie whip, and topped with our Maple glaze and walnuts. (DoorDash)"

PHOTO: James Rabe
PHOTO: James Rabe

Was it good? Oh yeah. Salty and sweet is great together. It's a drive-thru, so its all take-out. I got some butter, some syrup, and the Woofie Whp on the side (I put it on the chicken and was good stuff). The only thing I would change is an option of Belgian or a thin waffle (the thin waffle woulda made it less filling).

It was easily enough to feed two people. My sister and brother-in-law were out when I got home, so I was forced to enjoy it all by myself. But in two sittings.

Woofie says you're welcome to come up to the window and order. Everything is made fresh, so there'll be a bit of a wait. If you'd rather have delivery, a LOT of people do that and Door Dash has the full menu (a pretty extensive menu wayyy beyond waffles). 

Woofie's Waffles


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