The Cannon Valley Fair Parade in Cannon Falls was delayed for about 30 minutes Thursday as paramedics were treating a woman injured after falling from a float at about the halfway mark of the parade.

Laura Stolper, 66, of Cannon Falls was on the Cannon Valley Senior Center float when she lost her balance and fell to the ground.  Stolper was then run over by the back trailer wheels according to eyewitness accounts.  She was transported to Rochester by ambulance.

St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester told KDHL Stolper was in fair condition today.

Two eyewitness accounts given to KDHL indicated Stolper was throwing candy from the float when she lost her balance and fell off the side.

We contacted the Cannon Falls Police Department but were unable to get an official police report of the accident.

Mayor John Althoff works with the parade and told KDHL he and another volunteer noticed the units had been stopped for a significant period of time so they hopped on an ATV and drove down the route to see what had happened.

The parade is staged in the Cannon Falls High School parking lot and Althoff said about halfway down the route is when they came upon the mishap.  They did continue the parade after the delay.

Cannon Falls High School Middle School. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld