Undated (KROC-AM News) - The storm system that rumbled across Minnesota last night and early today caused some power outages in the Rochester area, while heaviest storm damage occurred in central Minnesota where 70-80 mile-per-hour winds were reported.

Significant damage occurred at Brainerd International Raceway, including torn up sections of bleachers and a scoreboard sign that was apparently pushed over by the strong winds. Authorities in the Brainerd Lakes area are advising against travel today while crews clean up the hundreds of trees and numerous power lines that were down by the storm system. No injuries have been reported.

The line of severe storms, fed by an afternoon of hot, muggy weather, developed in the early evening in northwestern Minnesota and produced several reports of tornado activity in that region.

The storms hit the Twin Cities late last night and clipped the Rochester area early today, producing an impressive lightning show and gusty winds, but not much rain. Less than 2-tenths of an inch was recorded in downtown Rochester and the National Weather Service station at the Rochester Airport did not record any rain. A little over half an inch fell in parts of northwest Rochester, while Elgin saw 1.2 inches and nearly 1.5 inches fell at Lake City.

It appears the heaviest rain fell in western Wisconsin, where some areas reported as much is 4 inches.

(The Minnesota News Network contributed to this story)

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