If you've ever been to a Twins game at Target Field you've probably entered the ballpark through Gate 34. That's the gate that's right by the big "Golden Glove" everyone takes pictures by. It's the most popular gate at Target Field so they decided to expand Gate 34.

They'll be expanding and reconfiguration Gate 34 in time for the 2019 season. The expansion will add two more entry points, bringing the total at Gate 34 to 20. The MLB says that the renovation will "maximize fan access and decrease crowd congestion on the exterior of the facility."

There are many more things changing because of this renovation in addition to the two new entry points:

  • The attached canopy will be expanded and will provide more protection during ticket and security checks.
  • There will be a "new multi-use structure with canopies inside the gate line giving guests approximately 2,800 square feet of extended shade and/or shelter."
  • Once you enter the ballpark from Gate 34 there will be more than 9,300 of extra square feet added. About 5,600 of that will be a turf gathering area. There will be seating, stand up tables, lawn games, and other activities.
  • Plants and greenery outside of Gate 34 will be moved around.
  • The "Gloden Glove" will also be moved. It'll be moved "on the outside north end of the gates and lowered to plaza grade for easier fan accessibility."

Check out some mockups that the Twins posted on their Facebook page. It looks awesome!

Source: MLB


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