Minnesota and most of the midwest has seen plenty of cool weather this spring, along with several days filled with rain, and it looks like that trend could continue through summer this year.

According to the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and most of the midwest is expected to have colder than normal temperatures this summer.

Summer temperature predictions minnesota, iowa, wisconsin
National Weather Service

The darker blue areas on the map have between a 50-60 percent chance of below normal summer temperatures, and the lighter blue areas have a 40-50 percent chance of cooler than normal weather this summer, while the east and west coasts are expected to be much warmer than normal.

The summer forecast might not be what Minnesotans want to hear, but the lower temperatures probably just mean a few degrees. Summer temperatures in Minnesota average in the mid-80s in the south to the upper-70s in the north, so you likely won't need your jackets, but maybe keep them close just in case those temps never move up.

The NWS is also predicting a 33-40 percent chance of higher than normal precipitation for parts of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, so keep that umbrella handy, too.

Minnesota Summer Rain 2019

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