Costco has warned their customers that a $75 coupon for Costco that's circling social media right now is a scam. They posted about it on their Facebook page yesterday, Tuesday.

The way this scam works is the poster promises people that if they share the image of the "$75 coupon" that they'll be sent a $75 coupon for Costco.

A scam like this has happened to Costco before, unfortunately. As KARE 11 reports, "the company says that this isn't the first time they have heard of a hoax like this, and wasn't aware of this instance of the scam until customers warned them it was happening again."

So if you see this $75 coupon on your social media, don't believe it! No matter how good it sounds it isn't real, unfortunately. And since this has happened in the past if you ever see a $75 coupon to Costco, it's probably not real either.

Take a look at what the coupon may look like HERE.

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