One of the first decisions the 2015 Olmsted County Board may have to make is to give outgoing Sheriff Dave Mueller a new job.

Due to a state law, Mueller is being allowed to resume working for the county as an employee after his term as sheriff expires. The law allows a public employee to run for elective office and if successful, the person can seek a leave of absence while serving his or her term. Mueller was granted a leave of absence when he was sworn in as sheriff four years ago and he has indicated he wants to return to the county’s regular payroll.

The dilemma facing the county is that his former position as head of human resources was filled after he became sheriff. The state law requires the county to reinstate Mueller in a comparable position, which is department head - but there are no current openings.

County Commissioner Paul Wilson says there have been discussions about what can be done and he hopes the situation can be resolved when the board holds its first meeting of the new year on January 6th.