There was hail last night. Some in Rochester, and even more in Byron and Dodge Center. But how large were the hailstones?

They were described as "pea" or "marble" sized. "One inch", but that doesn't paint a picture.

I think we still get the "pea" description, but how about the "marble"? Do kids even play with marbles any more? Unless there's a board game that requires them, I'm not sure young folks even know what a marble is.

My point is, we may need another size reference to depict hailstones. I'm not sure what, other than coins.

"Ear bud" size?








Golf ball and baseball are still usable (for now). What if we went to an "all fruit" way of sharing hail sizes? Instead of marbles, how about grapes? Instead of golf ball, how about clementines? Lots of possibilities are out there. What shall we choose?

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