St Paul (KROC AM News) -  Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has decided to undergo surgery to deal with his prostate cancer rather than radiation treatment.  

In this case, it’s the removal of his prostate.

The surgery has been scheduled to take place March 2nd at Mayo Clinic.  

Dayton has been told the operation will require one night at the hospital. The cancer was diagnosed last month.

Here’s the message from his personal Facebook page:

“As you probably know, I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thankfully, tests last week showed no signs that the cancer had spread beyond the prostate, which greatly improves my chances of survival.

“I have decided upon surgery to remove my prostate and, hopefully, all of the cancer. It is presently scheduled for the morning of Thursday, March 2nd, at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. I am told that I will likely need to spend one night in the hospital; however, after the surgery, I will be in constant contact with Lt. Governor Tina Smith and my Senior Staff throughout my time at Mayo.

“Many friends and strangers have shared with me their experiences dealing with prostate cancer. You have lifted my spirits and given me both hope and resolve. I am deeply grateful to you.”