One of the most famous and successful children's book authors in the country lives right here in Minnesota! Did you know that? Because I was today years old when I found out and I've read her books before.

It's kind of amusing that we develop this love of reading as kids but then throughout school, we're asked to read so much that it becomes a chore. At least it felt that way for me. I didn't find the joy in reading again until a little over a year ago. If you're someone who hasn't picked up a book for enjoyment in a long time, this author writes some great stories.

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Award-Winning Author Lives in Minnesota

Yes, she's technically a 'children's' book author but they're chapter books, they aren't picture books. So really, to me, it doesn't matter how old you are, her books are still awesome.

Her name is Kate DiCamillo.

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When I saw the name I thought "man, that sounds super familiar". Turns out, she calls Minnesota home! She's not from Minnesota, she actually moved here from Florida, but she credits her career to Minnesota. She told KARE 11, "'You know, I probably wouldn't be sitting here talking to you if I hadn't moved from Florida to Minnesota and gotten a job in a book warehouse down in the Warehouse District'".

She's written books like 'The Tale of Despersaux', 'Flora and Ulysses', and 'Because of Winn-Dixie'. 'Because of Winn-Dixie' was actually her first book. KARE 11 writes that Kate hoped to sell 5,000 copies. Well, she ended up selling 11 million, winning a Newberry honor because of it, and the book is now a movie.

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The crazy thing is the amount of rejection she got before becoming so successful. She kept submitting her work to publishers but she kept getting rejected. She had 473 rejection letters before someone said yes.

Kate says she sometimes wonders what if she had stopped at rejection number 471. This is a great reminder that if you're doing something you love and something you think you're good at, don't stop because someone told you no. Keep going.

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