To you and me this looks like a "turn around and find a different way" sign. To some people, it must seem like a challenge they're eager to accept. The Dodge County Sheriff's Office says, please, don't think of it as a challenge. What's going on? Well...first they posted


We have multiple power poles and lines down throughout the county and near zero visibility in open areas. This has caused very dangerous driving conditions with multiple roadways blocked. Please avoid all unnecessary travel throughout the county and DO NOT DRIVE AROUND BARRICADES! The latest forecast shows strong winds continuing until mid-afternoon.


DO NOT GO AROUND BARRICADES!!! We have multiple roads in the county blocked due to downed power poles and live wires on the roadway. For your safety and the safety of our Emergency Responders....please avoid unnecessary travel until these winds calm down this afternoon.

This tells me people are going around the barricades. Surprised? Of course not. In Fargo, when they had to build giant clay dikes downtown to protect the city from the already super high floodwater, people were caught driving on top of the dikes!

Please, be careful. Sure it's inconvenient. That inconvenience could save your life.

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