Chatfield, MN (KROC AM News) - A fire has left a Chatfield-area family without a home and several pets.

No one was home when a neighbor spotted the fire at the Lori Janet residence around 7:30 PM Wednesday. The mobile home is located in the 7500 block of 132nd Ave SE, about 5 miles north of Chatfield.

Firefighters were not able to reach the home because of the winding and slippery driveway and could only watch it go up in flames.

Olmsted County Sheriff’s Sgt. Kirby Long says Janet had taken a daughter to the airport. The homeowner said she had filled her wood burning stove before leaving around 2:30 PM and that may have been the source of the fire.

Janet lived at the home with her three teenage daughters who lost their father to cancer in 2016. Long says Janet did not have the home insured. He says the family's six cats and two of four dogs were unaccounted for.

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