Over the last month, all three of the Minnesota Animal Humane Society locations in the Twin Cities closed due to an outbreak of canine influenza. They temporarily closed on April 6th and over a month later there's finally some good news!

This canine influenza outbreak even affected us here in southeast Minnesota. While there are no reported cases as far as I'm aware, the Paws and Claws annual Pet Walk that happens in Rochester had to change things up this year and didn't allow dogs in order to prevent any possible spread.

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As an animal lover, it was sad to see that some dogs didn't make a recovery from the outbreak but slowly things are starting to get better.

The Woodberry location of the Minnesota Animal Humane Society has officially reopened as of today, Tuesday, May 9th! It's so exciting that things are going in the right direction. The Golden Valley and the Coon Rapids locations are both still closed.

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Hopefully relief comes to the animals and staff at the other two locations soon and they'll be able to reopen. Throughout the past month during the temporary closure, the three AHS locations have not allowed any adoptions so it's been a long month for everyone, I'm sure.

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