A man accused of raping a Rochester woman inside her apartment has admitted to a felony burglary charge. Court records show 21-year-old Isaiah McDaniel recently entered what is known as a Norgaard plea to a charge of first-degree burglary involving an assault, which means he admits his guilt but has no recollection of his actions because of alcohol or drug intoxication.

McDaniels was charged in the case last summer after investigators received the results of DNA tests linking him to the attack on the woman in November of 2017. The victim told police she had placed a sign in the lobby of her downtown apartment complex offering some items for sale. When a stranger came to her door inquiring about one of the items, the woman indicated she closed the door while she went to retrieve the item, but the man opened the door and sexually assaulted her.

McDaniel is scheduled to be sentenced on April 1st.

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