There's a snowstorm in Rochester, Minnesota. After the snowstorm ends, you go outside to clear your driveway and see the plow took out your mailbox. Like bam, it's in pieces and the pole is uprooted entirely. Will the city pay for that?



It all depends on what exactly messed up your mailbox. Was it a blade, tire, or some other part of the snowplow? Or was the snow pushed by the snow? You may not think there's much difference, since the result is a done deed on the mailbox. But as you scroll, you'll see just how mistaken you can be.

Rochester Minnesota's Rules About Snow Plows and Your Mailbox

The City of Rochester, MN, has a set of rules for just about everything, and you betchya there's a set for when one of the city snowplows hit your mailbox. Scroll slowly, take in all the rules, then good luck with winter!
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Just For Fun, How Long Does It Take the City To Plow?


That all depends on the amount of snow that falls. According to the city...

  • Small snow events (less than 2” of snow) are typically treated in less than 8 hours by a fleet of 21 plow trucks, 2-3 pick-up trucks, and two sidewalk machines.
  • Snow events of 2-4” are typically treated in approximately 8 hours by a fleet of 28 plow trucks, 4 graders, 5 loaders, 3 one-ton trucks to clear cul-de-sacs, 2-3 pick-up trucks, and 2 sidewalk machines.
  • Large snow events (more than 4”) take approximately 3 days to be completely cleaned up. Roads will be cleared in the first 12 hours. Snow will be hauled out of the Central Business District overnight on day 2. Street widening and miscellaneous clean-up will happen on the 3rd day after the snowfall.

See more about the City of Rochester's snow clearing information here

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