Minnesota's Largest Candy Store in Jordan, Minnesota is obviously known for being the largest candy store in Minnesota (it's huge!). But they're also known for their hilarious signs. They have a huge sign that sits out front where you'll usually see something funny written. Their most recent sign people are loving on Facebook.

Every once in a while, while you're driving, all of a sudden you'll see a cop hidden somewhere. You didn't notice until you were driving by, it was that good! But sometimes those hiding spots can be blown by a store nearby.

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This seems to be handy work done by both Minnesota's Largest Candy Store and the Scott County Sheriff's Office. There's no way the store would be able to get away with putting up a sign like this without first talking to the sheriff on duty. Plus the Scott County Sheriff's Office shared the sign on their Facebook page so yeah, they were totally in on it.

Driving one direction on 169 the big yellow sign reads "Slow down there is a cop hiding behind this sign." But going the other direction, the side where you can see the cop, the sign says " Shhhhh I'm waiting for a speeder." I think it's hilarious! Plus, like the Scott County Sheriff's Office says in their Facebook post, "Can't say you weren't warned..."

If someone flies by and doesn't notice a big yellow sign telling you that there's a cop there, I think you deserve a ticket. Keep scrolling for more funny signs!

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