One year ago, a home went on the market in Wisconsin that ended up going viral.  It wasn't because it was a mansion, or came with a boat, or built for a celebrity.  The house got a whole lot of attention because of an R-rated sign.

I was just scrolling through Facebook this morning while drinking my coffee and I almost spit it out because the photo with that R-rated sign is now a hilarious meme.


Hilarious R-Rated Sign Spotted In Wisconsin Home For Sale is Now a Meme

The hilarious meme that popped up on "In Your Face Memes" Facebook page shows the photo with the sign "Welcome to Poundtown" over the bed in the master bedroom with the following heading:

Shout out to the real estate photographer for exquisitely framing the "welcome to poundtown" sign in the doorway of the master bathroom shot


I know the house got a lot of attention because of that sign but the entire place truly was stunning, especially for the Farmhouse decor lovers like myself.  If you haven't had a chance to browse the photos yet when this house was on the market, look below.  You might even get a few decorating ideas as you browse through...and you'll get to see another angle of the sign that is now very famous. 😏

All of the Internet is Shocked at Sign Hung in Wisconsin Home for Sale

A house that went on the market in Onalaska, Wisconsin in April is absolutely gorgeous but there is one small thing hanging on a wall that has everyone doing a double-take. Oh, and someone lost their sunglasses in a pretty random spot too. (See if you can find where those lost sunglasses are in the photos.)

This home at W6547 Woodland Pass in Onalaska, Wisconsin was built in 1989 and sits on 1.53 acres that are pretty wooded. Lots of space indoors too with 3,600 square feet and 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The house did go into pending status pretty fast but you can see the full listing by Realtor Spencer Hegenbarth at RE/MAX Results on here.

I know it is hilarious and a lot of people either love that "poundtown" sign or they think it is horrible to have up for real estate photos.  If you haven't read the meaning behind that sign (I promise, it isn't that R-rated), check out the original story that I wrote here.

READ MORE: Here's Why The "Poundtown" Sign Was Created


#Welcometopoundtown was trending on Twitter

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