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With it being a rainy day here in southeast Minnesota it's the perfect time for this warning from the Minnesota State Patrol. It came from an 'Ask a Tropper' question and it's something important to keep in mind.

When you're driving on rainy days with wet roads there are a few things you need to keep in mind while you're on the road. Some of those are making sure you're lights are on even if it's the middle of the day, it may be difficult to see with the rain so stay alert, and keeping a safe distance between you and other cars.

cars, trucks and rescue vehicle driving in dangerous winter weather
Maren Winter

Another tip that's really important that you may not have thought about before is not using your cruise control when it's wet out. I've heard this before but I have to be honest, I usually forget about it.

Sgt. Troy Christianson with the Minnesota State Patrol shares a question that he got which says:

My husband always used to say "never use your cruise control during any rain".

Is that still true with advances on tires and technology?

Sgt. Christianson's response is that the inquirer's husband is correct, that you should not use your cruise control when the roads are wet and also when the roads are icy.

He writes that "[i]f your wheels lose traction, the cruise control will continue to accelerate, causing the vehicle to skid. By the time you realize you are skidding, it could be too late."

So take off the cruise control today and drive safe!

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